Dasht-e-Tanhaai (In the desert of solitude)

September 2014

'Iss Qadar Pyaar Se Aye Jaan-e-Jahaa'n Rakkhaa Hai
Dil Ke Rukhsaar Pe Iss Waqt Teri Yaad Ne Haath
Yun Gumaa'n Hotaa Hai, Agarche Hai Abhi Subha-e-Firaaq
Dhal Gayaa Hijr Ka Din, Aa Bhi Gayee Vasl Ki Raat.'

With Such Tenderness, O Love Of My Life
On the Cheek Of My Heart Has Your Memory Placed Its Hand Now
That It Appears As If, Even Though This Is The Day Of Goodbyes 
The Sun Of Separation Has Set And The Night Of Union Has Arrived

Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Urdu Poet From Pakistan


MS said...

SO finally you started writing again. Good going bro. Keep writing.

Baba Gaanjadhaari said...

Who are u sis/bro? Reveal urself. But thanks anyways.

Anwesa said...

I could comprehend the extract(?) of the poem only after reading the English translation. Is the translation your own ? Or is it by Agha Shahid Ali ?

Baba Gaanjadhaari said...

I don't know who s/he is. As for the translation, i had seen it on the site where i read the poem and pasted it from memory.

MS said...

Are yaar. Initials se guess nahi kar paya. Take a Wild guess :)

Baba Gaanjadhaari said...

Yaara guess kar chuka tha. Wanted to confirm. In saying that, an intellect like u shouldn't be hiding behind initials.