October 09

for what shall i wield a dagger, o lord?
what can i pluck it out of
or plunge it into
when you are all the world?

-A prayer originally in Kannada (a south indian language), addressed to Ramantha (Shiva) by Devara Dasimayya - 10 century south indian poet saint.

Came across this by sheer accident on the internet. I had one seen this on my trip to Kerala earlier this year in a bookshop on MG Road near Tipu Sultan mosque in Trivandrum. I was told they had a branch in Kesavadasapuram too (if any Keralite ever reads this post, i'll be indebted if u can get in touch). It was a book on south indian poetry translated by an Indian American. God knows why i din buy the book. But its a decision i really regret.

Coolest Valentine Quote

Love is when you tell a girl that you work in Satyam and she still accepts you.

Source: The internet.

Happy Valentines Day.

Addition* Just for some context, this post was written when Satyam was in trouble.

Analyze this !!!

January 2009

Have u ever wondered that in a world of six billion people, all it takes is just one - to change your life forever.