July 2013

Kuj Unj Vi Rahvaan Okhiyaan Sann
Kuj Gal Vich Gham Da Tauk Vi Si

Kuj Sheher De Log Vi Zaalim Sann
Kuj Saanu Maran Da Shauk Vi Si

Punjabbi poem by Munir Niazi
Pakistani Poet

NB * I chose not to translate this. It is left to the reader to figure out the depth of the verses.

A sufi poem

February 2013

Ishq te aatish nu hi barabar
O vat ishq da tavut khera.
Aatish saare takht kanera
Ate ishq saare dil jera.

Aatish nu paani bujhaave
Te dusso ishq da daaru kehda ?
Aakhe ghulaam farida, aakhe peer farida
Othe kuch nain bachda, o jithe ishq ne la leya dera.

Love and fire are similar
But love has greater hurt.
Fire burns wood and grass,
But love burns the heart and liver.

Water douses fire 
But what's the remedy of love ?
The humble (ghulaam), wanderer (peer)  Fareed says
There remains nothing else, where love finally decides to stay.

Sufi love poem in Punjabbi (Multani/Arabic dialect) by
Baba Fareed.
Twelfth century sufi preacher and poet from
Multan, erstwhile Punjab (now in Pakistan).

***The image depicts Baba Fareed with disciples (murideen).

A Valentine Love Story

February 2013

'If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain'

Dolly Parton.
American singer.

This is the story of an American soldier and a Ukrainian girl who incidentally was on the German side during World War Two. While what's amazing is the help the soldier received from other people along the way to get his love - as if The Almighty had a plan for him, what's really touching is the lengths to which the soldier went himself, at one point risking his life at the hands of the Russians for her, eventually going for what he wanted....and getting it. 

As they will find a way. Bill put up with the rain and got his rainbow in Vera.

Happy Valentines Day.


Jan 2013

"Main dil di duniya ich tede bajhoon,
Je koi wasawaan taan kaafir aakheen.
Main tedi chaukhat nu saari zindagi,
Je sir uthaawaan taan kaafir aakheen.

Je meri pooja ich farq aawe,
'Eijaaz' khanjar da laud kaee naeen.
Khuda gawaah e tu akh cha badle,
Main mar na jaawan taan kaafir aakheen".

In my heart's universe if aside from you,
I give place to another, call me an infidel.
From your door-sill my whole life long,
If i raise my bowed head, call me an infidel.

If i ever grow lacking in my worship (love) for you,
A dagger would not be needed (to kill me).
As God is my witness, just withdraw your love,
And if i don't die instantly, call me an infidel.

Punjabi poem (urdu/arabic dialect) by
Eijaaz Afzal - Pakistani poet.

NB - The image depicts the twirling dance ('Sema' in turkish) performed during recitals of poems (with accompanying music) of Jalaluddin Rumi - thirteenth century persian poet.